In an industry with ever-evolving technology it is not just good enough to keep up — one must lead.

At Aerotonic we realize that the requirements for breaking news are different to film production. We customize our rigs with that in mind. Working across the region, our rigs are designed for travel to even the most remote locations.

From agile, autonomous GoPro-equipped quadcopters, to larger, more stable hexacopters and octocopters — we have the capacity to accommodate every need.

At Aerotonic we can provide:

Rigs | Quadcopters, Hexacopters, Octocopters

Cameras | Go Pro Hero 3+, Sony NEX 5T (PAL / NTSC), Black Magic

Gimbals | 2-axis and 3-axis available for all Cameras

Live Streaming

*we can accommodate special requests with enough lead time

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