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Getting impossible angles through the use of our low range, collapsable unmanned aerial platforms, we at Aerotonic are able to go from ground level to above even the tallest of skyscrapers.


Cliff Vermette is the founder and main operator for Aerotonic International. Originally from Vancouver, Canada Cliff is now based in Bangkok, Thailand. Cliff has an extensive background and experience in film and media having graduated from Vancouver Film School and UBC’s Graduate School of Journalism.

Cliff began researching drones as part of his Masters program when he discovered their potential for use in journalism applications. Cliff continues to research and develop novel applications with UAVs.

Why Aerotonic?

The allure to use UAVs is exciting but not without its dangers. The potential for disaster is massive. A fully-loaded Hexacopter operated unsafely can kill. Don’t trust your jobs with inexperienced pilots whose mishaps could make you liable.

Our company and pilots are highly experienced in the aviation environment, which enables our team to safely plan our shoots and flights. We have years of experience working internationally with safety as our number one priority.

Aerotonic Advantages:

  • Our stabilized camera platforms allow us to create low & slow movements, or high and fast film sequences from 4ft to 400ft without disturbing nature or our surroundings.
  • Whether your new condos are opening or you’re shooting feature films or a luxury estate property Aerotonic offers unique and imaginative ways, bringing a new level of creativity to your video project.
  • Our mobile platforms allow our team to be on location locally, nationally or internationally on short notice.
  • We offer immediate delivery of media on site!
  • We offer professional post-production services


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